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SeaScooter Safari. A contribution to diversity in daily tour offerings in Marmaris

İmeler, Sunday April 8th, 2007

Dear Clients,

Herewith we officially announce Tuesday, May the 22nd as the kick-off date of our operations for the summer season 2007.

Well be accepting your bookings starting from Monday, May the 9th.

Our SeaScooterSafari tour is designed as an underwater safari where participants will skim around near the surface, experience the feeling of flying over amazing underwater landscapes and occasionally dive to have a closer look at things which attract their interest.

This is a purely free-diving activity so no air-tanks will be used for the regular diving!

Combining the freedom of free-diving with the benefits of using sea-scooters for propulsion is not only more fun, it is also more safe than SCUBA diving as it does not expose the diver to some of the risks and limitations of the later like e.g.:

  • The limitation on the total diving time imposed by the no-decompression rule in recreational diving
  • The limitation on the ascend speed necessary to avoid decompression sickness
  • The limitation on the freedom of movement imposed by the typical beginner-level SCUBA diving pattern which consists of a single descend followed by bottom time at relatively constant depth, followed by a single ascend.

In contrast to the above restrictions inherent to SCUBA, a free-diver can dive as long, as deep and as many times as he wants. As he is not inhaling compressed air from the tank, he is not exposed to the risk of decompression sickness, his mind is totally free to fully enjoy his underwater experience. The combination of the freedom of free-diving with the sea-scooter as a means of propulsion results in speed, range, depth, fun and safety unattainable by recreational SCUBA diving and gives the diver a sensation of flying underwater.

Despite the free-diving nature of the tour, each participant will nevertheless be equipped with a small pony tank as an emergency air supply. Making unnecessary use of this emergency air supply (like e.g. to reach greater depths or to stay submerged longer) will be strictly prohibited.

Upon arrival at our basis, all participants will be given thorough instructions on equipment use, ear equalizing techniques and correct response to possible emergency situations.

Although the whole tour is designed with safety very much in mind, we have nevertheless taken all precautionary measures in case an emergency situation should still emerge. A rescue-boat equipped with emergency oxygen and a PADI certified SCUBA rescue-diver onboard will accompany the participants throughout the safari. Besides, our basis is equipped with a first-aid kit containing all medicine for cases of minor injuries (e.g. after contact with sharp rocks, sea urchin, venemous fish etc) and conditions like sun-burn, sea-sickness, hang-over, headache and pain.

Besides we require all participants to fill out a medical questionnaire to make sure that all participants are physically and mentally fit.
As is the case with SCUBA diving, each participant is also required to sign a liability-waiver.

The tour brochures are available in five languages English, German, Dutch, Russian and Turkish.
The instructions before the safari are given in English, German, Russian and Turkish.
The underwater tour-guides and the emergency rescue diver who will be accompanying the participants speak English, German and Turkish.

The tour package contains the following elements:

  • Transfers
  • On-land instructions
  • Shallow-water exercises under the supervision of a PADI-Divemaster
  • Use of equipment consisting of:
    • sea-scooter
    • exposure-suit (wet-suit)
    • emergency air tank (so called pony tank)
    • pony-tank harness
    • weight-belt and weights
    • mask
    • snorkel
    • fins
    • emergency whistle
  • Supervision of 2 underwater-guides
  • Presence of an emergency boat with a SCUBA rescue-diver onboard
  • Lunch
  • Insurance

Underwater photo & video services are also available and can be ordered extra.

The tours will last approximately five hours and will take place three times a day, 7 days a week resulting in 21 slots per week.

Tour operators and incoming agencies who would like to reserve an exclusive slot for their clients, are kindly ask to get in touch with us using the contact information given here.

Looking forward to working together in what will hopefully be a successful season for us all.

Kind regards

Your SeaScooterSafari Team