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Photo  gifts
Let us tell you only that much, SeaScooterSafari is not an excursion you will easily be able to do anywhere else!

There are world-wide a just a few locations where one can enjoy this unique adventure and at all these locations it costs more and also nowhere else you'll get your hands on scooters as powerful as ours. Besides, at half of these locations, the SeaScooterSafari is only a snorkel tour, while at others the dive centers let you use their scooters only if you book their PADI DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle) course which costs a lot of money and for which one also has to be at least PADI Open Water Diver.

So all in all, the chances that you will ever get the opportunity to take part in an adventure of this kind are slim. But then, wouldn't it be nice to have a souvenir to make a present to your family members, friends, relatives or colleges? A souvenir proving that YOU WERE THERE!

At the end of each day we upload all pictures made on that day to our Photostockplus website and organize them there in event albums.

If you remember the date of your safari, you will easily find your pictures. The rest is just deciding on which photo gift you would like to have the pictures of your underwater adventure to be printed.

The pictures we upload to our photo server remain there for 3 months, afterwards they get deleted to make space for newer pictures.
Beware that we do not keep other copies of the pictures so once they are deleted, they are gone forever!
If you wanted to order photo gift items at a later time, then hopefully, you would have bought a Photo-CD after the safari. In this case, you can send us your pictures which you want to have printed on the photo gift item of your choice and we'll forward them to the print lab for you.

And now, our wide-selection of photo gift items: