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Occasionally new technology creates something so unexpected & revolutionary & so fun, youve just got to try it! The Seascooter is like that. Think of it as a totally submersible boat motor that will take you wherever you want to go.

A seascooter  is a so called DPV (divers propulsion vehicle) and  is best used for covering large areas. Seascooters are excellent for underwater inspection, search and recovery operations, and exploration. One of the major benefits of riding around on a seascooter is that your muscles are not doing any work, so the air in your lungs can last much longer! This way it becomes possible to reach considerable depths without using of  air-tanks, just with the air youve inhaled at the surface, thus totally avoiding the much dreaded decompression sickness. You can effortlessly explore the hidden underwater world with a seascooter! Seascooter  is for swimming, snorkeling and diving in total comfort. Surf the waves, plunge to the dazzling depths, make like a fish, or simply get seascooter to do the work for you in the pool - however you play with this wonder, the seascooter is definitely where it's at this summer.

Top speed of our seascooters ranges from 4 to 5.3 km/h, depending on the model, the divers weight, his driving style and the conditions of the wind and the sea. Seascooters are quite easily maneuvered, and can be turned left, right, up, down and even completely around without trouble. Seascooters are sleek and their compact design combined with its own bag makes it easy to carry and incredibly fun to use. Sea Scooter is a real 'James Bond' product but with a real practical application, you can get to where you want to photograph without being tired out by the time you get there. Our  Sea scooters an automatic cut off when the unit is released or encounters an obstruction. A protective grille is also supplied as standard for maximum safety. Sea Scooter has adjustable buoyancy, and is light enough to carry in one hand, making beach diving a reality and snorkelling a dream. With reassuring safety features including protective grilles, auto shut-off, the seascooter is a great for both amateurs and professionals.

The environmentally friendly personal seascooter is ideal for the aqua active individual. Go snorkelling with this water gadget and we're pretty sure it won't feel like you're snorkelling; more like being chaperoned by an underwater chariot. The seascooter's revolutionary design has resulted in a light and efficient personal water propeller that's environmentally friendly, at a price that makes it hard to resist.

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Just when you thought that you have seen and tried everything that can be done with snorkeling, the Seascooter experience was developed. Come and enjoy the fun and freedom of seascooter tour, feel yourself flying underwater. From the novice to the advanced swimmer, from young to old, this seascooter tour is designed to give all a pleasant and secure experience as you marvel at the exquisite marine live below. This unique seascooter tour allows guests of all ages and swimming abilities to effortlessly glide through the water on an electric sea scooter.

Safe, fun and environmentally friendly, our Seascooters will give you a new level of mobility and adventure, in depths of upto 10 meters. Cruise along the edge of the abyss, through caves, cliffs, canyons and labyrinths of bizarre rock formations, over reef tops and vast fields of sea-grass. Experience a feeling like you are flying through outer space driven by your own rocket. Enjoy the spectacular views of the landscape and the local sea-life.

Join one of our seascooter excursions where we give each diver a seascooter, appoint buddy teams, do a thorough safety briefing and file a cruising plan of seascooter tour.

Snorkellers and divers on the seascooter excursion can reach new depths faster, making it possible to explore reefs and other sea life underwater more easily. Swimmers can also use seascooters  to cover greater distances without getting tired or just float lazily along the shore.

We offer seascooter tours to a various destinations and we are working currently on creation new seascooter excursions which we hope will embellish your holidays.  


Whether you are an art and history buff, an archaeology nut or a nature lover, enjoy browsing through markets or going diving, the different regions of Turkey offer endless possibilities all year round. Each area has its own personality, history, landscape and even cuisine, and with so much on offer to visitors it is not surprising that one trip to Turkey is never enough.

Surrounded by four different seas, Turkey is a beach paradise with over 8000 km of sunny strips of sand. It also has an abundance of plant and wildlife species that can be enjoyed while camping or trekking in the many national parks which are dotted around the country.

Home to more than 20 different fascinating civilisations, Turkey has a 10,000 year-old heritage, much of which is still being uncovered. Its rich history is very much part of the present, with temples, ancient theatres, churches, mosques, tombs, statues of gods, palaces and fortresses, and of course the many detailed and fascination museums which bring the past to life.

And of course in cities like Istanbul, there is a modern, lively ambience of contemporary society living alongside tradition, where art and music can be enjoyed whether it belongs to today or yesteryear.


The province of Mugla includes the famous holliday cities of Bodrum, Marmaris, Datcaa, Koycegiz and Fethiye. Beautiful resorts (Oludeniz and Saklikent, Gokova, Gulluk and Milas), comfortable hotels and motels, cozy guesthouses, impressive ruins of past civilizations and magnificent landscapes offer hollidaymakers plenty of choice. Mugla, the province's capital, lies inland and is known for its traditional vernacular architecture. In the village of Ozluce, a veritable open-air museum east of Mugla, is Turolian Park, where you can find fossils that are from 5-9 million years old. There are many fantastic region in Mugla.

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